Supported Living Services in Buckinghamshire – Dynamic Purchasing Vehicle
Estimated Value – £35m
Open until 2026

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Dynamic Purchasing Vehicle (DPV) for the Provision of Supported Living Services in Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire Council (the Council) and Buckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group is seeking to establish a Dynamic Purchasing Vehicle (“DPV”) for the provision of Supported Living in Buckinghamshire (the Services). The Council is conducting the procurement via the “Light Touch Regime” as set out in the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR 2015).

The DPV will primarily be used for spot procurements and will enable the Council to facilitate greater choice and flexibility for Supported Living services, as well as drive improvements in quality in the market. The Council will expect prospective Suppliers to use innovation and efficiencies in service provision to ensure improved delivery of individual’s outcomes as well as enhanced partnership working in order to provide an integrated service that works across health, social care, voluntary and other agencies within Buckinghamshire.

Suppliers should note that the DPV will not be an exclusive arrangement and the Council may in certain circumstance award contracts to other suppliers on any alternative basis. The Council will first utilise existing block arrangements before utilising the DPV, if a suitable arrangement is not found utilising the DPV then the Council reserves the right to seek tenders from the wider market.

The DPV will be divided into 4 lots, representing the range of services to be delivered.

The Lots are:

Lot 1: Visiting Support

Lot 2: Day Time Support

Lot 3: 24 Hour Support

Lot 4: Bespoke Support

The Council cannot guarantee demand or volumes for the Services or for any of the Lots over the lifetime of the DPV. Appointment of a Supplier to the DPV is no guarantee of business.

The Council is extending the time frame for the evaluation of initial Requests to Participate to up to 6 weeks.

The DPV will operate for a period of five years commencing on or around 8th June 2021. The Council will have the option, at its discretion, to extend the period of operation of the DPV for a further period or periods of up to two years.

Suppliers that wish to be appointed to the DPV are required to complete a Selection Questionnaire (“SQ”). All those Suppliers who satisfy the selection requirements set out in the SQ, as evaluated by the Council, will be appointed to the DPV to the Lots for which they have applied. Suppliers will be required to put forward a compliant price within the price range provided for each Lot except Lot 4 which does not have a specified range. A compliant price for Lots 1, 2 and 3 will not exceed the price cap specified for that Lot and must exceed the minimum price specified for that Lot. Lot 4 pricing is not fixed at the point of application to the DPV.

There is no limit on the number of Suppliers that may be appointed to a Lot.

Following the establishment of the DPV the Council will issue mini competitions for specific contracts, as and when the need arises. All the Suppliers within the relevant Lot will be invited to submit tenders for such contracts. The Council will award each contract to the Supplier in that Lot based upon evaluation criteria which will include service user needs in terms of geographical location, specific types of needs and/or choice or other requirements.

Suppliers who wish to participate in this process need to register with the Buckinghamshire Business Portal and will be unable to take part if not registered. Please use the link below and follow the instructions on the website:

The Council anticipate mini competitions to commence early June 2021. Should Suppliers wish to take part in the initial mini competition suppliers will need to complete the SQ and submit by midday on Friday 16th April 2021.

Further details on the operation of the DPV are set out in the Procurement Documentation.

Duration of the contract, frame agreement or dynamic purchasing system

8 June 2021


7 June 2026

The DPV will operate for a period of five years commencing on or around 8th June 2021. The Council will have the option, at its discretion, to extend the period of operation of the DPV for a further period or periods of up to two years.

Time limit for receipt of projects or requests to participate

7 June 2026

Local time


The procurement documents are available for unrestricted and full direct access, free of charge, at

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