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We specialise in helping Organisations win Health & Social Care contracts

Our tender writing service is available to support your company to submit high quality, winning tenders. Contact us today if you:
Are facing a tender deadline and need immediate support

We can respond rapidly to meet your tender writing needs and deliver high quality tender submissions.

Want to improve your tender win rate

Our tender writing service consistently achieves a win rate of over 80%.

Want to bid for Health & Social Care Tenders but don't know how

Our experienced tender writers will remove any mystery about bidding for health & social care contracts and help you secure your first win.

Deliver fantastic services but have not achieved the tender success you deserve

If you are great at what you do, then we can turn the fortunes of your company around.

Need additional support to help your in-house bid writers meet demand

Our tender writers will work effectively with your internal bid writers as part of a team for a specific tender, or as an additional bid team to increase your bid writing capacity.

How our tender writing service works:

There is no minimum level of support required before we get involved. We can provide light touch support to help you get back on track with your tender or we can write the whole tender response for you.

We can work with a single contact point within your company or directly with your operational team, finance team and other colleagues to ensure the required information is obtained from subject matter experts. Our health & social care tender writers will then craft high scoring bid responses which you will review before the tender is signed-off for submission.

All information required for our  health & social care tender writing service will be obtained from you via telephone, Microsoft Teams, and email. This approach enables us to respond very quickly to requests for help and ensures we can work safely and effectively at a physical distance. Our 80% success rate proves our approach works!

We can help you win tenders wherever you are in the UK. If you would like to find out more, or just speak with one of our tender writing team for some advice, we’re here to help. Insert your contact details below and take the first step to improving your tender success.

Prices for our full tender writing service start from £2,450