About BFT Consult

15+ years of valuable experience

BFT Consult was established by Ian Evans in 2014 to enable companies to dramatically increase their contract and funding win rates.

Ian has over 15 years’ experience of writing UK public sector tenders and grant funding applications, and is passionate about business growth. He has held multiple senior management positions including as head of business development within a UK company where he increased its annual turnover from £2m to £12m in less than 4 years.

The approach to writing winning tenders and grant funding that Ian has developed is implemented by our team of tender writers to maximise our clients’ success rates. We consistently achieve a contract win rate of over 80% and have helped our clients secure over £950m worth of contracts. Whatever your business and whatever your previous success rates have been, BFT Consult can help you win new contracts and retain the contracts you already deliver.

Our tender writers have all had successful tender writing careers working within organisations before becoming tender writing consultants. This means we fully understand the pressures organisations are under when trying to deal with operational priorities at the same time as writing high quality tenders. We can relieve those pressures and take over your tenders, so you have the time to do what you are actually paid to do!

We excel at winning contracts and grant funding for our clients. All we ask is you are good at what you do. Why? So we don’t inadvertently help poor companies to win or retain contracts that others would be better placed to deliver. If your company or charity delivers great products or services then we would be delighted to win multiple tenders and funding streams for you.

Contact us today to secure professional tender writing help for your business. We look forward to working with you.