Critical Friend, Editing & Proofreading

If you already have bid writing resources within your organisation, we provide a cost-effective way to improve your tenders before submission. Don’t end up like our friend over here…
Critical Friend Service
When you’re fully involved in writing a tender, there’s a risk you may misunderstand questions or miss out critical information that you’re just unaware of. You may have what’s called ‘bid blindness’ or you ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’. Our critical friend service will review your tender response against the specification and evaluation criteria, to ensure any weaknesses or omissions are identified and can be corrected prior to submission.
Proofreading Service
If your bid is strewn with spelling mistakes or other grammatical errors, has sections missing or has disjointed bits of other tenders mixed in with it following a hurried attempt at ‘copy and paste’, it will make your organisation look weak. If you can’t write (or don’t have the time to write tenders properly) then it looks like you can’t deliver. That lucrative contract will slip through your fingers. We know how tenders should be presented to ensure maximum positive impact. We can proofread your bids to ensure they are clear of spelling and other grammatical errors.
Editing Service

This is a great way to finalise a tender document you’ve written. We can re-write answers to fit within tight word limits or format answers so they look as good as they should. The visual impression a tender gives evaluators is almost as important as the content. Tenders are more likely to score highly if:

  1. The layout is engaging.
  2. Your unique selling points and value proposition are easy to identify.
  3. Answers are easily understood and free from spelling and other grammatical errors.
  4. Answers clearly relate to each part of the questions asked.

Prices for Critical Friend, Editing & Proofreading services start from £450

If you feel confident in pulling great tender responses together but just need help to check your work or bring your document to life, then our critical friend, editing and proofreading services are for you.