Critical Reviews

Critical ReviewsWe can provide a critical review of your bid before you submit so you know how it can be improved. If your bid is strewn with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, has sections missing or has bits of other tenders mixed in with it following a hurried attempt at ‘copy and paste’, then it will make your organisation look unprofessional or even incompetent. If you can’t write (or don’t have the time to write tenders properly) then it looks like you can’t deliver and that lucrative contract will slip through your fingers.

BFT Consult know how tenders should be presented to ensure maximum positive impact upon evaluators. Our consultants are tender writing experts who are able to proof read your bids to ensure that they are professionally presented with no spelling or grammatical errors. A key element of tendering is to ensure that the information provided answers the questions set and scores highly against the evaluation criteria. BFT Consult can undertake a critical review of your tender against the service specification and published evaluation criteria to ensure that any weaknesses are identified and can be corrected prior to submission.