Prior Information Notice — Barnsley Extra Care Service

Barnsley Extra Care

Prior Information Notice — Barnsley Extra Care Service

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council is looking to introduce 24/7, onsite personal care and related support (wellbeing and housing-related support) element within two of the four extra care schemes in the Borough (of Barnsley) as part of improving the accommodation and support offer to older people in need of care and support. The service will be delivered by a single provider operating across both schemes.

The two schemes are:

  • Fitzwilliam Court, Bethel Street, Hoyland, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S74 9JZ
  • Westmeads, Meadstead Drive, Royston, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S71 4PT

Total Quantity or Scope

The service will focus on the principles of maximising and sustaining independent living, choice, involvement and inclusion through person centred approaches that help individuals to live ordinary lives within a local community setting. The extra care service will include the on-site provision of care and support (including well-being and housing related support) within 2 of the Borough’s 4 extra care schemes.

This is based upon the financial investment which the Council is able to currently fund and a consideration of the needs of present occupants of the 2 schemes. The 2 schemes selected have the highest number of tenants in receipt of a funded care package and an older age profile. Therefore, it is likely that these individuals would benefit more quickly from the service.

The Council intends to identify one service provider who will operate across 2 of the extra care schemes to improve provision, particularly in enabling the flexibility for staff to operate across two schemes in managing demand. The principle focus of extra care is to promote independent living in older age and to provide ‘home for life’ tenancies.

Extra care housing schemes are purpose built accommodation which facilitate tenants to access on-site housing and 24/7 care support. Many variations exist but in the main delivery in extra care consist of 2 key aspects which are:

  • Housing (includes the maintenance of the flat, rent collection, management of communal areas i.e.. cleaning, and on site facilities such as catering and social clubs);
  • Care and support (includes social integration through encouragement to join in and personal care where needs exist through the provision of domiciliary care).

The provider will be commissioned to meet the care and support needs of the tenants of the 2 extra care schemes. Central to this will be a focus on early intervention and prevention, to ensure that tenants are fully supported with a wide range of services to maintain their independence. The service provider will work with the registered housing provider, domiciliary care agencies, and health and social care partners to ensure a holistic approach is delivered.

There is the scope for the service provider to work with the Council to improve the extra care provision in Barnsley including exploring wider developments such as community hubs providing both resources for those living in the wider community and also as a base from which services could be delivered to the community thereby spreading infrastructure costs.

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