More Bid Writing Success

Over £50 million of contracts & funding won so far this year !

Our success rate in 2014 is over 90% – 9 out of every 10 tenders we’ve written have won !! We’ve had another batch of contract wins confirmed in the last month and a selection of these are provided below.


Housing Related Support TendersHousing Related Support: We are delighted to learn that one of our clients has been awarded a place on the approved provider list for the provision of housing related support in LB Newham.



Extra Care Tender WinExtra Care Housing: We enjoy helping clients gain high ranking places on Framework Agreements but we love the challenge of winning contracts where there can be only one winner. We have learned in the last month that one of our clients has won the contract to deliver care and housing related support in an Extra Care Scheme. All competitors, including the incumbent provider, were beaten to achieve first place and secure this important contract for our client.

Tender WinHomecare Contracts: When our client came to BFT Consult in April and asked us to ensure they won a place on the Framework Agreement for delivering Homecare across the West London Alliance (WLA) they did not anticipate the success they would have. They opted to bid for five lots including Generic Domiciliary Care, Extra Care Housing, Reablement, Complex Needs Care and Housing Related Support. Each Lot required method statement responses in addition to pricing information. Our client is thrilled to learn that they have been awarded a place on the WLA Homecare Framework for ALL FIVE LOTS.

CONFIDENTIALITY: We always respect the confidentiality of our clients. We are privileged to be in a position of trust regarding the commercially sensitive information that we are provided with as part of our work in winning contracts. We always ask our clients if they agree for their wins to be promoted in our newsletters, website and other media. Many clients are happy for this to happen, while other clients prefer to remain under the radar. Rest assured that if you engage our services, privacy and confidentiality will be maintained at all times and your company’s name will only be used by BFT Consult in promotions with your prior consent.

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