Happy New Year


We Wish You a Very Happy and Prosperous 2016

Planning for Growth

As thoughts of most of us turn to New Year celebrations, there are a few of you who are already planning your business growth strategy for the year ahead.

If you will be tendering for existing or new contracts, then you really should not be doing this alone. Without expert help, tendering can be a daunting task. Rejection can be particularly hard to take, especially when you know you deliver fantastic services.

Writing successful tender submissions takes time and effort. This is true whether the work is undertaken in-house or with support from bid writing consultants.

Plan the resources you expect to need to be able to submit winning tenders this year. Then decide how those resources will be used, taking into consideration the likely success rate of writing tenders in-house or using expert consultants.

BFT Consult has had a fantastic 2015 with multiple contract wins across all parts of the UK.

  • We have achieved a success rate of 85% across all tender submissions. This means contract wins – not just passing the PQQ stage or being shortlisted for interview.
  • Many of our wins have been for single provider or consortium contracts i.e. where only one bid can win. We consistently help our clients to beat the competition.
  • 100% of our bids for Framework Agreements were successful.
  • Where frameworks included tiers, all our bids enabled our clients to be placed within the top tier.
  • Our scores for the quality sections of bids (i.e. method statement answers) have been exceptionally high. For example, we were delighted to achieve another 100% score in December. This means that we scored maximum marks for each of the 12 method statements that made up the tender response document.

Compare this level of success to the bids you write in-house or to those you have submitted with the help of other bid writing companies. No comparison.

Win-Win Relationship

We have really enjoyed working with our clients this year to help them win new contracts and expand their businesses.

We love helping our clients win. That’s what gives us our immense satisfaction. It’s what drives us.

When you win, we win. That’s because we know that all the effort was worthwhile, that your revenues will increase and that you will work with us again. That winning feeling is fantastic and we look forward to sharing it with you in 2016. All you need to decide is if you want to have that winning feeling too.

If you do, contact info@bftconsult.com and let’s go!

With very best wishes for the year ahead,

Ian Evans
Managing Director
BFT Consult



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