Derby Homecare Tender
Estimated Value – £62m
Deadline – 05/02/2021

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Derby Homecare Tender

The Council is requesting bids for Service Providers to be awarded a place on a framework to provide Standard Home Care (domiciliary care) Services.

Standard Home Care Definition: The Care Quality Commission (CQC) definition of Home Care and Support are as follows:

“These services provide personal care for people living in their own homes. The needs of people using the services may vary greatly, but packages of care are designed to meet individual circumstances. The person is visited at various times of the day or, in some cases, care is provided over a full 24-hour period. Where care is provided intermittently throughout the day the person may live independently of any continuous support or care between visits.”

Customers of Home Care Services will:

• Be residents of Derby City

• Be over the age of 18 years

• Have eligible care or support needs as defined by the Council

• Require Home Care as defined above

Customers may have complex and multiple support needs. Service Providers will need to develop personalised Support Plans that identify clear and quantifiable ways that they will support Customers to achieve their individual outcomes and remain independent in their own home.

Customers that will require this Service will have a wide range of needs that may include one or a combination of the following broad headings (please note this list is not exhaustive):

• Physical disability or frailty,

• Learning disability

• Mental Health

• Sensory Disabilities and/or Communication needs

• Dementia or other cognitive difficulties

Tenderers must have Care Quality Commission (CQC) registration in place for the delivery of personal care.

The Service Provider will also be required to be registered with the CQC to be able to deliver personal care in the City of Derby. Successful Service Providers not already registered to do this, will be required to apply to be registered to do this within a month of receiving the framework award letter.

Tenderers must have Care Quality Commission rating above ‘Inadequate’ in place for the delivery of personal care to be able to bid.

Where a Tenderer is waiting for a rating from the CQC for the delivery of personal care from the CQC, they can still submit a bid. If subsequently the rating is ‘Inadequate’, then the service Provider will be required to provide an action plan that is satisfactory to the Council that will address all the concerns raised by the CQC within a timescale agreed with the Council.


The potential framework value is £62,706,904.62 over four years.

Contract Opportunities will only initially be for new Service requirements (care packages). The Council also reserves the right to review existing care packages and put these out as a Contract Opportunity under this Framework.

The advertised contract value takes into account the possibility of reviewing and putting existing care packages out as Contract Opportunities, but there is no guarantee this will happen. Therefore, no guarantee of business value or volume can be given. Service Providers will have to form their own views as to the potential for such an arrangement.

Framework Lots

The framework is split into four geographical Lots.

The Council intends to appoint the following number of Service Providers in each of the following Lots:

Lot 1 – Central Locality = Three Service Providers (Value £14,926,587.15)

Lot 2 – West Locality = Four Service Providers (Value £15,985,354.10)

Lot 3 – East Locality = Three Service Providers (Value £14,150,640.14)

Lot 4 – South Locality = Three Service Providers (Value £17,644,323.24)

A Tenderer MUST state what Lots it is bidding for and their Lot preference.

A Tenderer can bid for all four Lots or any number of Lots.

A Tenderer can only be awarded a maximum of two Lots.

Scores will be the same for Tenderers across all the Lots they bid for, though ranking might be different in different Lots if all Tenderers do not bid for all Lots.

The Council also reserves the right to appoint fewer than the required number of Service Providers in each Lot, where each Tenderer has been awarded the maximum of two Lots and there are no other options to allocate a Service Provider to a particular Lot.

The process for deciding how Lots are allocated to successful Tenderers is described further in the ITT document.

Framework Operation

The Council reserves the right to open a Lot or Lots and run a open competitive tendering process to replace existing Framework Service Provider due to failure/poor performance/material breaches etc.

There will also be the option of opening up a Lot or Lots to add an additional Service Provider where there are capacity issues within that Lot.

Further to the points above there will still be the rule that a Service Provider can only be awarded two Lots, so if a provider on this Framework already has two Lots, they will not be able to bid for an additional Lot.

The initial Framework Term is two years. The maximum framework term is four years.

The procurement documents for this Derby Homecare Tender are available for unrestricted and full direct access, free of charge, at

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