Tender Writers

Tender WinOur tender writers can manage and coordinate the whole tender process for you so that winning tenders are completed on time and to the highest quality. We can work with your operational team, finance team and other colleagues e.g. performance managers to ensure all of the information is obtained from subject matter experts and available for use in the tender. Our bid writers will then craft high scoring bid responses which will be available for review in advance of the tender submission deadline. Furthermore, all of this can be done via electronic communication e.g. email, Skype and telephone. This reduces the need for face to face meetings which can unnecessarily eat away at a bid team’s time (e.g. through reduced travel time).

If you wish your bid manager had the capacity to take on another tender (or if you wish you had a bid manager!) then contact BFT Consult (0845 680 2618) and we will ensure a high scoring tender is written for you.

There is no minimum level of support required before we get involved. Even if you only need a couple of hours help – whether that be advice, guidance or writing time – then we are at your service. If you are stuck on a section, or on an individual question, then get in touch. We can provide light touch support to help you get back on track or we can write the answer for you. We work flexibly in response to your requirements. If a tender is giving you a headache, or if you are running out of time then contact us and we will be pleased to assist you.

Writing a tender can be a daunting process but our tender writing experts are here to help. Our tender writers have all had successful tender writing careers working within organisations before becoming tender writing consultants. This means that we fully understand the pressures that management teams are under when trying to deal with operational priorities at the same time as writing high quality tenders.

Our tender writers are able to quickly tune in to your organisation and fully coordinate the bid writing process. Our number one focus at all times is writing a tender that wins. We want your tenders to win even more than you do! Our reputation depends upon it.

Contract Award

Our tender writers are skilled and experienced at writing bids that score highly against the evaluation criteria for each question and demonstrate the unique selling points of your tender.

Our tender writing services save organisations time, money and considerable effort from attempting to write tenders themselves while maximising their tender success rates.

We fully understand the operational pressures organisations are under while also trying to engage in tender writing. Our tender writers will work with you, taking a flexible and responsive approach to ensure that your needs are met and your tender is of the highest quality.

We are public sector bid writing experts. We know how to bid effectively. If your bid deadline is approaching and you need expert support to assist you with writing a bid, contact BFT Consult to ensure you give your bid the maximum chance of winning.