Pre Qualification Questionnaires

Pre Qualification Questionnaires

Ensure Pre Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) and Tendering Success with BFT Consult.

BFT Consult provides an analytical, methodical and thorough approach to assist you to complete Pre Qualification Questionnaires, which are often viewed by organisations as being a task to get off the desk without too much thought. This is a critical stage of the tendering process and it is worth spending the time and resource to make sure your PQQ submission gets you through to the next stage. Remember, you won’t cross the finish line first if you fall at the first fence.

The level of detail required is sometimes of similar length to some full tender response documents. PQQs usually require supporting information to be submitted in terms of policies, accounts, annual reports, constitutional documents/ memoranda and articles of association. We can work with your admin teams to pull all of the required information together and present your organisation in the best possible light. Commmissioners and funders are looking for robust, sustainable and reliable organisations to deliver their services and it pays to ensure that your PQQ submission is strong.


Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs)

Pre Qualification Questionnaires are designed to check that an organisation is fit for purpose to deliver the size and type of contract that is currently under tender. There are some tendering procedures within the public sector that keep successful PQQs on record for a year, requesting an annual resubmission to check that your organisation is still fit for purpose. The majority of public sector tenders however, require a PQQ to be submitted as the first stage of all tenders. Completing a PQQ for each tender you express an interest in can be a painstakingly laborious process. PQQs vary in their length, in the nature of the questions asked and in the level of detail required in the responses. PQQs often vary from tender to tender issued from the same public sector authority so be careful when answering as copying and pasting from previous PQQs might land you in hot water.

Common PQQ Questions: Many PQQ questions are designed to obtain an eligible or ineligible response and any ineligible responses may lead to an organisation being immediately rejected at the PQQ stage. Answer carefully and ensure you are issued with an Invitation to Tender (ITT). The types of questions that will be asked in most PQQs cover as a minimum:

BFT Consult PQQsBusiness details including charity and company number.
Financial viability including accounts, insurance, management controls, and contingency.
Quality Assurance.
Experience of delivering similar contracts (size and nature).
Governance – details of Board of Trustees / Directors.
Equal Opportunities and other policies.
Human Resources including staff numbers, qualifications and skills, TUPE,industrial action etc.
Indicative outline proposal.