Health & Wellbeing Tenders

Health & Wellbeing Tenders

We are passionate about helping our clients win health & wellbeing contracts. Our bid writers have achieved highest quality scores for the following tenders:

✅ Smoking Cessation / Stop Smoking Tenders (where we've achieved a tender score of 100% for the method statements!).

✅ Substance Misuse Tenders (drug and alcohol services) including community Tier 2 & 3 recovery services, inpatient services and criminal justice services.

✅ Weight Management Tenders including nutrition, Tier 2 wellbeing and Tier 3 clinical services.

✅ Physical Activity Tenders including family health and wellbeing.

✅ Community Wellbeing tenders including family health and wellbeing.

All we ask is that you are good at what you do. Why? So that we don’t inadvertently help poor companies to submit high quality tenders that win contracts that others are better placed to deliver. As long as your company delivers high quality services then we would be delighted to win multiple contracts for you. If you want to secure a contract for any health and wellbeing service including smoking cessation, physical activity, occupational health, student health, weight management and mental health tenders then contact us today - you won't be disappointed.





Call us to request our health & wellbeing bid writing service or to simply have a chat about your tender requirements. We are always happy to have an informal conversation.

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If you prefer to email, please send us a message and we will reply to you within 24hrs (usually same day).