Grant Funding Applications

Grant Funding ApplicationsIs your lack of grant funding holding your charity back? Are your services in need of cash? Tired of only ever receiving rejection letters? If you’re ready for funding success, give us a call, and we can show you all the possibilities and options you have!

We believe that every charity / CIC has a unique story, goals, and desires. Every day in our work, we meet clients who do great work but struggle to write their unique story in way that is attractive funders. No one needs to struggle with this on their own. Together, we can create funding applications that tell your story in a compelling way. You will see your success rate significantly increase!

We have extensive experience of winning grant funding for a wide range of projects. We understand that every funding stream requires grant funding applications to be submitted in a particular format. Some grant funding applications require brief but very concise information to be supplied while others require vast amounts of detail. BFT Consult is able to research grant funding streams for you, assist in formulating your funding strategy and ensure the maximum potential success of applications to a range of funders.

We have helped charities and community interest companies across the UK win grant funding. This has included large grants of £500,000 right down to smaller pots of money.

Our expertise extends to securing funding for charities from a wide range of sources including charitable trusts, government programmes, local authority community grants and other funders such as European Social Fund (ESF) and European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).