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Ian Evans

Bid Writing Company

BFT Consult is a professional bid writing company that was established by Ian Evans to enable companies to dramatically increase their contract win rates. Ian has over 15 years’ experience of writing winning tenders and is passionate about business growth. 

He has held senior management positions including head of business development within a UK company where he increased its turnover from £2 million to £12 million per year in less than 4 years. All of this growth was achieved by winning new contracts and retaining existing contracts through the submission of outstanding, high scoring tenders.

BFT Consult was incorporated in early 2014 and we are proud to support a diverse customer base to win contracts. Whatever your business and whatever your previous success rates have been, BFT Consult can help you to win new contracts and keep hold of the contracts you already deliver. 

The approach to writing winning tenders that Ian has developed is implemented by our team of bid writing consultants to maximise success rates for our clients. We consistently achieve a contract win rate of over 80%. 

BFT Consult is a bid writing company that excels at winning contracts for our clients. All we ask is that you are good at what you do. Why? So that we don’t inadvertently help poor companies to win or retain contracts that others would be better placed to deliver. As long as your company delivers great products or services then we would be delighted to win multiple contracts for you. 

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